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Welcome to the year 2021, where the world of women entrepreneurship is ever-growing! You selected this article because you want to know if you can be part of this world and become a woman entrepreneur. Let’s face it; you want to see if you have what it takes.

No worries! This article gives you undeniable signs showing that you might have what it takes to be in the women entrepreneurship world. Why Undeniable? Because let’s be real, we want to make sure that this article will help you open your eyes and realize that you are on to something big!


But first, let’s ask a few questions:

Do you wake up bored thinking of the rest of your day? Do you feel like you need a change in your life, but you are so impatient? Have you ever tried to open a business, then decided to quit because you didn’t believe in yourself?

Do you feel that your life is incomplete, and when you try to tell people how you feel, they just don’t get it?


Continue reading this article if you want to know if you may have the signs indicating that you are ready to enter the women entrepreneurship world.

10 signs you should be a woman entrepreneur

1. Everyone is telling you that you need to open your own business. 

Okay, now, how can it be any more obvious! You have something so unique that people see so much potential in you. You are different. Everyone knows it, and you probably know it too. People are telling you that you should open your own business. Do not ignore this. It means that you have terrific ideas.

People see potential in your thoughts, but they also see potential in you. The way people see your capability can sometimes be a wonderful gift for you. Your entourage is telling you that you have what it takes to accomplish your dreams and become a woman entrepreneur. Get it, girl!

Another big sign not to ignore is when you meet a person, have a random conversation, and he or she tells you that you should have your own business. GIRL PLEASE! Do not skip this! Someone that does not know you is acknowledging the fact that you are one of a kind. This acknowledgment is a significant warning sign. Unintentionally you were able to express your creativity and make someone believe in your idea.

Can you imagine? You were not trying to sell anything, but you expressed views that were so amazing that they felt the need to tell you “you should open your own business”. You are so passionate that they connected with you on that ENTREPRENEURSHIP level. WHY? Because there is something genuine and different about you. Something complex. They know that there are unusual but powerful thoughts and ideas hidden in the individual standing in front of them.

Something monumental is in the making, and no one can deny it. GUESS WHAT? You have the keys to your freaking success. Always remember that you are the only person who can decide what your ideal future can be. Don’t forget to take the first step. Yup! It’s women entrepreneurship day every day!


2. People try to BRING YOU DOWN when you are on the VERGE of opening a new business

GIRL, TRUST AND BELIEVE. This sign is unique, and we will write a specific article about this subject! When you have so much potential and start working towards your goal, people have this urge to stop you. It is actually why most people give up on their business dreams. They get controlled by this annoying negative energy. OMG, this should be your Freaking fuel! We get so excited talking about this with our Team!

You need to understand something important, and you should use this for the rest of your life: When people try to stop you from having your own business, IT MEANS THAT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK AND SO CLOSE TO YOUR BREAKTHROUGH. IT ALSO MEANS THAT YOU HAVE SOMETHING HUGE IN YOUR HANDS! They are scared that you will succeed because they know your potential, and they know that you can make it and become successful if you run after your dreams.


3. People are telling you that you are SO CREATIVE and HAVE GREAT IDEAS

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Entrepreneurs need to be open-minded and think outside the box, even if this box is nothing unless you make it something. The box is fake. Can you touch it? Nope, then it’s unreal! Socially fake! LOL. Don’t think out of the box if there is no box! Why should we have an invisible box and think outside of it? Girl, do not believe in limitations that do not exist.

If your creativity has no limit, then you may have what it takes to create an innovative business model that will set you apart from all competitors.


4. You feel that people are so DIFFERENT than you

While your colleagues or friends are worried about growing within their positions, you think, “OMG, how boring!”. You realize that people around you worry about things that do not matter at all to you. The more they worry, the more impatient you get. Like something is burning inside you, and you don’t know why. Well, let me tell you why!

You are thinking that you are wasting your time with their nonsense because you do not want to work for someone else for the rest of your life.

The only things you think about are ways to create an empire for yourself. Another big sign is that people do not understand your work ethic, which brings us to the next point.


5. Working HARDER than anyone else you know?

Yes, people tell you that you work too much and too hard. Without knowing it, you are preparing your brain to become an entrepreneur. The work ethic you have is not a gift, and it is self-taught.

You have built strong beliefs about work ethic, and people think that they are too much. They tell you that you need breaks, that you need to slow down, but you just can’t. How powerful is this? It is something that you can’t control anymore.

You are a work ethic athlete! Any entrepreneur needs to be working hard and have a strong work ethic.

WHY? Because as a woman, when you start working on your own business, you will be bothered by your everyday life, family, friends, work, kids, school, and the list goes on. OMG, the list goes on. You will need to work long hours after your actual job, and your 40 hour weeks will become 90 hours weeks. But the great thing is that when you do what you love, you lose track of time.

Since you already have a strong work ethic, you can only make magic if you put yourself into it and believe in your dreams. Without knowing it, you are preparing yourself for your breakthrough! At this point, you are already on track to be an entrepreneur, or should we say a strong woman entrepreneur!


6. You spend hours at night thinking about your BREAKTHROUGH

Is that you? Indeed, you often spend hours at night thinking about the life you will have once you accomplish your dreams. Dreams are so important. To achieve them, you need to have them! The best time for entrepreneurs to think about their vision and results is often during nighttime or early in the morning. Their brains are working on a treadmill speed of 9.7!

Another powerful trait of the entrepreneur is relentlessness. It is such a fantastic trait that will bring you to your breakthrough. How do you think Oprah became who she is now? Relentlessness!


7. You admire other Women Entrepreneurs

The admiration is KEY! It is part of the entrepreneur’s fuel. You need to be inspired to make it happen! You spend hours during the day learning about other women entrepreneurs, their successes, failures, and outrageous accomplishments. The admiration is such a great sign, and you shouldn’t ignore it. You probably spend hours on YouTube with your notes or lists. You are trying to get the best tricks or advice from people who made it and are now living their dreams abundantly. The admiration of others is often entrepreneurs’ favorite side of entrepreneurship. The fact that you have so much to discover is just so amazing.


8. Sometimes, your mind goes BLANK for months 

The blank mind effect is a meaningful sign that you are fit to be an entrepreneur. You have so many ideas, great ideas, then one of a sudden you can’t think of anything! You try to think of new business ideas, but nothing happens. It is something you can’t explain to other people. Your mind is just blank. The emptiness is what we can call “Entrepreneur’s punishment.”

You worked your brain so hard with so many ideas, so much information, but at the same time, you work so hard in something completely different than your dreams that your brain says STOP make a choice!

Usually, this can happen after a significant fallout or a big event, good or bad in your life. Many times after this blank period, women entrepreneurs make the big jump into the entrepreneur world. The empty mind effect gives you this sense that you lost yourself and went past your dreams, but don’t worry, it usually only lasts a few days, weeks, or months.


9. You have a WEIRD FEELING INSIDE when other Women Entrepreneurs have THE SUCCESSFUL BREAKTHROUGH

Every time you hear that someone went for their dreams and succeeded in doing something they love, it gives you a weird feeling inside. Yes, you worked so hard for your dream life. You put so much into it, but you always give up because, let’s face it, people are scared to fail that they instead turn back and not fail at all. Just know that entrepreneurs have mastered the art of failing over and over.

The mastering part is actually what makes these entrepreneurs so successful. Because they were not scared to fail and were willing to take a risk, they became successful!


10. You know how to keep a secret!

Yup! You know that you have golden ideas. Look at you! You are already doing what entrepreneurs do. Now, wait a second. In the first stage of creating your business, you should keep the secret. Let me give you a little tip. The secret you should be holding is the most important one. DO NOT GO AROUND TELLING PEOPLE YOU WANT TO OPEN YOUR OWN COMPANY TO EARLY IN THE PROCESS.

WHY?? Because sometimes people will try to stop you! They will tell you, “No, don’t do it.”, “It is too risky.”, “It is never going to work.”, “No one will buy that.”. Guess what? People will laugh at you to discourage you. They are scared to see you succeed.

Do not put yourself in that situation where all the negativity will bring you down. Not keeping the secret at the beginning is why most people do not go for their dreams. They crash before they even start just because they didn’t keep the secret. However, once you are all set up, and there is no turning back, you can tell everyone!

Being an entrepreneur is freaking fun, but it is also a lot of work.

Okay, let’s add a BONUS sign.



You should be a women entrepreneur if you need a significant change in your life. Sometimes you have to go through something challenging before realizing that you only have one life and do not want to wake up one day and regret that you waited too long to accomplish your crazy and fantastic dreams.

By the way, people always think that it is either too early or too late. The truth is kids (little RYAN on Youtube) can become millionaires, and women at 80 can now learn how to ride bikes. SO don’t ever believe that it is ever too early or too late.

It is so exciting that you stumbled on this article today! We hope that you have discovered or will discover your true potential and that you are ready to live your dreams. You can be worried about what people think of you as an individual, but remember that negativity should be your freaking fuel and that if people are so cynical about your goals, you might be on the right track! Don’t forget that you can leave a comment below if you have some of these ten signs.



If you find yourself watching Youtube videos about entrepreneurs, business ideas, and if you feel incomplete day after day because your job is just not enough, you should leap to the women entrepreneurship world. In other words, because you don’t see yourself working for someone else in the long run, WELL MY FRIEND, you might be the perfect entrepreneur material.

Our little secret for you: You are already on the right track to be a woman entrepreneur if you clicked on this article’s title. The truth is, the day you had your ideas, you started breathing the entrepreneurial air. Please don’t ignore the signs when people tell you that you should become an entrepreneur. You may be 1 step away from your breakthrough! As we like to say, women entrepreneurs’ day is every day!

Now what you need to do is to focus and build your entrepreneur mindset, and we are going to help you with that. Don’t let your unique ideas go to waste anymore.

Thanks for reading. We can’t wait for your success!

Do you have any women entrepreneurs quotes you can leave as a comment below to help our women entrepreneurship community?

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