these are the best stay at home jobs you can have

As a stay at home mom, you know how rewarding this beautiful lifestyle can be. However, even though this lifestyle is lovely, the reality is that it can also be draining and difficult mentally.

Mom Jobs

Indeed, as a stay at home mom, you might sometimes feel like you don’t know your self-worth, and you might also have low self-esteem

Don’t worry. These feelings can happen to anyone! For example, some people may have an extremely high income and still feel the same way. So the first thing you need to get is that you are not alone, and the second thing is that you can remedy this pretty fast

We put together a list of stay at home mom hobbies that you can do to make money online

Do you want to make money working from home? Do you want to make money from a hobby? Do you have a lack of self-confidence because you do not make any or enough money?

When you have hobbies that make money as a stay at home mom, you have more financial freedom, and you can provide a more substantial and safer financial life for your family. 

In this article, we’ll give beautiful stay at home mom hobbies to make money to boost your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more!



There is this fake news out there! Many people think that to be an influencer, you have to be flawless, beautiful, rich, and the list goes on. 

It is not true. In fact, to be an influencer, you need to have a goal, be patient, inspire and interact with others. So anyone can become an influencer, but it takes time

When you are a stay-at-home mom, being an influencer on Instagram is achievable because no one is watching your every move. You have the freedom to post and interact with others whenever you want! You may actually have more chances than more people to become an influencer. Be consistent!

Can you imagine? You can have the opportunity to teach or inspire other mothers while working from home, whenever you want at any time? Did you know that millions of companies pay influencers at least $80.00 for one post? 

Yes, if you do the calculation, being an influencer can be extremely rewarding financially. However, patience, quality of posts, and consistency are key



Having a blog as a stay at home mom is a great way to make passive income. What you need to know about blogging is that it takes a lot of time to start seeing results. It takes about 3 to 8 months. However, when you are not in a hurry, it may be what you should look into! Blogging will create so many opportunities for you financially and mentally as well. 

As a stay at home mom, you can feel lonely at times. When you are a blogger, you will use different platforms to interact with other bloggers just like you. You may become friends with other bloggers with the same points of interest. There are tons of great opportunities in the blogging world. 

If you want to know how to start a blog, check out this page



There are so many ways that you could be making money on youtube! You may not want to share your face with the world, and that’s okay! There are now ways that you can still make money on Youtube without ever showing your face. You can now use animations!

Just like anything else when you are your own boss, it takes time to make money with youtube. Usually, it will take about a year if you post consistently and if your content responds to your viewers’ needs. 

Most Youtubers make between $24.000 a year to millions! If you are willing to learn video editing, making money on Youtube might be what you need!



If you love to help and encourage people, you may look into becoming a life coach. Of course, you will have to get certifications first, but when you do, you could be working from home by phone or on camera, make money and truly help others

Life coaching is becoming more and more important, and the certification process is quick. Having a life coach business can be really lucrative. 



Do you like the idea of working for others, from your backyard or home office? Then, you may want to look into becoming a virtual assistant! There are so many virtual assistant opportunities because everyone now works online. 

To become a virtual assistant, you do not need any schooling. You can build virtual assistant skills by taking a few online classes and watching videos. Make your skills different from other virtual assistants. You should use websites such as FIVERR to find different companies that will hire you as a freelance virtual assistant. 


AS A CONCLUSION, having hobbies as a stay at home mom is crucial for your self-confidence and personal development. In addition, having hobbies that make money will boost your self-confidence and add to your purpose in life. 

The most rewarding hobbies for stay at home moms are the ones that make you forget for a few hours a day or a week about baby or kids stuff. 

It would help if you disconnected daily to reach more goals and experience life out of motherhood. This is important to keep healthy relationships, a healthier lifestyle, and your freedom after all. 

Having mommy time and life balance can play a huge role in your happiness. This is all part of self-love. The more you love yourself, and the more you take care of yourself, the more happiness you will give in return. 

Create your own space and pick your own time to space out. This will give you time to work on your personal goals and stay at home mom job. Why not have fun, be your own boss, a wonderful stay at home mom and make money at the same time?The key to working online as a stay at mom is that you have to be patient. Most online hobbies or careers take time to bloom.

And you, how much money are you trying to make as a stay at home mom? Let us know below.

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