You have a stressful job, and it is ruining your life. In this article, I’ll tell you what you can do to help with your stressful job if you can’t quit just yet!


When you got the job, you were extremely excited and thought that your life would change. For a couple of weeks, you were proud and pleased. Then you realized that people at work are just actors. You understand that you are not that special to others and that your boss can replace you in a second

Are you always tired with no energy? Is your job draining you? Are you highly stressed before, during, and after work? Does your work-life balance suck?

There are so many reasons why a job or career can be stressful. 

If you want to learn how to deal with a stressful job, keep reading!

Disclaimer: We are not health professionals. If you believe that you might be depressed or are dealing with anxiety or a mental illness, remember that you must and should always consult with your doctor.



A job will always be just a job, and your life will always be more important than a job. 

Remember that whatever job you have, it’s just a job. YOU ARE NOT A JOB. YOU ARE WAY MORE THAN THAT

If you have a stressful job that makes you sad or ruins your life and happiness, you may want to reconsider if the stress is worth it. Remember that there are many opportunities out there. You can always use your experience with your current job to find a better job.



This is the hard truth, and it is just how life is. It happens to the best of us. It happens to the smart ones, the rich ones, and even the beautiful ones! 

In life, don’t waste your time trying to be loved by everyone because you can try as hard as you want. It just won’t happen. You don’t like everyone, right? Everyone is different, with different opinions, and this is just why not everyone likes everyone!

If you have colleagues that don’t like you, don’t waste your time on them. Spend more time with people that like you. You will feel better. Instead of being sad because your manager doesn’t like you, be grateful for something you love about your job

Hint: you can even find something you like about your boss or something that makes you laugh. 

For example, maybe your boss has a funny mustache. When he is annoying, just think about how funny the mustache is. Remember that if a boss is annoying for no reason; it’s probably because his life sucks more than you think! Trust, your boss may have more money, but he is probably more miserable than you!

If you want to feel better, you need to focus on positivity and leave the negative people alone. They can be sad and negative on their own!



Sometimes you just have to brush it off! You might come to work with positive energy, but everyone around is mad or sad. Just brush it off, don’t let other people’s energy ruin your day. 

The worst is when you are in a good mood, but your colleagues want to start complaining first thing in the morning. Just say, “Stop! Not right now. I’m in a good mood. I just want positive energy!”

Seriously, what is the point of listening to your colleague complain? If it does no good for you, just say No! Your goal is to remove as much stress as possible from your job. Listening to them complaining is not going to help you with your goal. 



It’s pointless to continue working when you should be off! You will be less productive, and it will take you forever to do a task that usually takes you 10 min! You get frustrated and have a difficult time focusing. 

In other words, you are less productive and unfocused when you work “after work,” and you make more mistakes that you will have to correct the next day. POINTLESS!

When you are off, you are off! Your time is definitely precious on this planet, so don’t waste it by trying to make someone else rich!



When you have too much crap on your plate at work, ask for help! Yes, because it’s not that serious! You will be amazed by the number of people who have nothing to do at work and who can help you! 

Ask for help at home too! Ask your family to do your laundry, to do your groceries, to make you dinner. Ask your friend to help you clean your house! Don’t stay alone as long as you surround yourself with people that bring you up, of course. 

Asking for help is essential for your health! When you have a stressful job, you need help from family, friends, and coworkers to stay on top of your game. 



If you want to feel better in life, you’ll need to stop being an introvert and make priceless friends. Be an introvert with people who bring you down!

Make friends outside of work! If you only have friends from work, you will stay sad, and every time you go out, all you will do is talk about the job you all hate together. So much negativity that you don’t need!

Having friends outside of work can really help you wind down and forget about your stressful job. 



If your boss doesn’t respect you enough to leave you alone after work, then respect yourself enough not to reply to your boss until tomorrow morning or after the weekend! 



People will not celebrate all your wins. So you should celebrate your wins yourself!

Be proud of everything you accomplish at work, especially hard tasks during a long day. Don’t take anything you do for granted

Remember that you are worth so much. The things you learn from your stressful job, you can perfect them for your future. These things will help you with your next job! Perfect your skills until you are ready for your next job



Keep an eye on other job openings! If you hate your job, that’s ok! Make sure to always keep your eyes open in case another opportunity comes your way!



You have to keep your mind off work! Finding and practicing your passion can change your life. Guess what? If you are lucky, you might actually realize that you can make money from your passion. 



What are the 5 things in your job that are making you so anxious? What is making your job so stressful? Is there something that you can work on? 

Listen. If you have a stressful job but can’t quit your job, you will need to build a stronger mindset. You are creating your own true experiences in your life, so you have to experience it differently if your job is stressful. Stopping to say that your job is stressful is a wonderful start!

Most people say their job is stressful because they are scared to get fired. Instead of thinking that you will get fired, think that you did something great this week that might get you a promotion! You will soon be doing more great things!

Hint: Even firefighters or nurses can love their job, love saving people, love caring for people, but hate the workplace environment because of the competition and pressure from their boss. Focusing on what makes them love their job can outweigh the unnecessary challenges they face daily. 

Work on your thinking and develop a positive mindset!



You should never say this because if you do, then you are crossing the line! You can’t call a job that you hate your second home. Otherwise, it means that you put yourself so low that you call a place you hate your home. 

Your home is the place you love, a place where you can be yourself and cry in secret or be happy like crazy. Your home is your safe place. 

Don’t make that no work, no life balance mistake!



80 percent of the bad things you think your boss will do to you will not happen. Your boss is actually looking at 20 percent of the work you do. The 20% that make him or her look good in front of his or her boss and peers! 

If you want to look good in front of your boss, do 20% of the work that will make you look good like a queen and spend less time on the details that are not important. 


AS A CONCLUSION, having a job can be highly stressful. However, you also have to understand that working for yourself can be stressful as well. Here is my take on everything: Whatever you do in your life, remember that you only have one life.

Your job is not your life. Your job is what helps you live your life, just like food, water, and relationships. You are not a job; you only do the job. 

When you are done at the end of the day, you are done! If you are in a bad job situation but need to keep the job for the moment, you will need to cope with it. That’s ok! Just find little things that make you happy in life and in your job, be grateful for what you have, and remember that your job will never define Who You Are

If you hate your stressful job, then use your job as a tool to get a better one. Use your stressful job and learn as much as you can to build your own business. Use the hate you have against your job to go back to school and follow your dreams. Your job does not define you.

YOU define Who You Are. When you get off work tomorrow, instead of breaking down and crying, do something different. Go the extra mile. Go on a walk, call an old friend, start a business, learn new things. Disconnect!

YOU HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Get it? The job is just here to teach you something and to help you reach your goal. 


At the end of your life, you can’t regret the fact that your boss saw a typo in your email. You will only regret the wonderful things you didn’t do because your job was taking too much space in your life. 

Draw the line between your job and your personal life.

Why is your job stressing you? Let me know in the comments below. 

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