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These coconut oil hair masks change the hair game! We’re sharing coconut oil hair mask recipes that can turn back time and revive your hair.

Coconut Love

Is your hair so dry that you never wear it down? Are you also struggling to grow stronger and longer hair

Coconut oil is full of benefits for your hair and skin as well. If you are really struggling with the lack of hair moisture and too much breakage, coconut oil can help resolve all of these issues.

This is why you shouldn’t ignore coconut oil. 

Now what people won’t tell you about coconut oil is that it is a tricky oil! If you apply the oil too often, you will not get the result you dream of. In this article, you’ll find the best ways to use coconut oil masks, and we’ll talk about the frequency of use. 

Ready for healthier hair with our coconut oil masks? Keep reading!

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Frequency of use: Use these mask recipes only once a month! No need to do it more than that. Coconut oil is a strong oil that can really help your hair. However, if you apply coconut oil to your hair too often, you may experience dryness. It’s essential only to do this mask once a month to start.

By using it only once a month, you will discover the excellent benefits of coconut oil. This mask will be your GO TO deep conditioning oil mask for sure!


Coconut Oil Goals: The goal of these masks is to help you with your natural hair journey. It can be challenging to achieve healthy, bouncy hair when going natural. Sometimes all you need to revive the hair is deep conditioning. Your hair will love coconut oil as long as you don’t overuse it


Hair types: One thing about coconut oil is that all hair types will appreciate the love this oil can give! We’ve seen growth on straight hair and strengthening in curly girls as well. Coconut oil has so much love to give to all hair types. You should try these hair masks recipes ASAP!


Coconut oil (cold-pressed): 3 tablespoons of cold-pressed coconut oil

Fruits/Vegetables: 1 Avocado and 1 banana

Vitamin E oil: 1 small teaspoon

This mask is all-natural!


Coconut Oil (cold-pressed): 4 tablespoons of coconut oil

Your favorite hair mask: For this recipe, if you want to have a thick and deep conditioning mask, you can use your favorite hair mask. Just make sure that the mask you are using is water-based. The mask should not contain any bad, unhealthy, or harmful chemicals. 

Fruits/Vegetables: 1 avocado and 1 banana

Vitamin E oil: 1 small teaspoon

Application: The best way to do it, is to apply this mask on wet hair. 


  • Medium size bowl
  • 1 teaspoon
  • 1 tablespoon
  • Don’t forget your mixer to have a smooth mask!
  • 1 comb and large detangling brush
  • Your favorite heat bonnet


  • It’s time to prepare your hair! Wash your hair with warm water and detangle your hair.
  • Once your hair is detangled, rinse with warm water to allow the hair mask to penetrate your hair. 

That’s it; you should be good to go! Now let’s get to the good stuff!



  • Now your hair is ready, so you can do the inversion method for 1 minute before separating your hair.
  • Separate your hair into different sections. Depending on the hair density, you may need to do more than 6 sections. Make sure that you have access to your scalp.
  • Apply the mask on the ends to start. Be gentle with your hair. Your ends are precious, and you have to be kind to them, especially if you are struggling with dehydrated hair. 
  • Then, apply the mask from the root to the rest of your hair gently. 
  • Massage your scalp for 2 minutes gently. (only if you use the natural version of the mask)
  • Leave the mask on for 30 to 60 minutes
  • Don’t forget to rinse your beautiful hair with cold water



Do you know about the benefits of coconut oil hair? If you don’t yet, that’s ok! Just keep reading.

The coconut oil hair benefits are incredible. This exotic nut is so unique that it will be a game-changer for you, your hair; moreover, you will want to have a healthier lifestyle!

Coconut oil helps with hair growth as well. This oil stimulates the growth, it will make the hair stronger, shinier, healthier, and your hair will seem younger. Yes! Younger. By the way, coconut oil is so great that many women around the world use this oil against aging

Another great benefit of coconut oil hair masks is the smell! If you apply the right amount, you will smell like summer

BONUS: If you have coconut in your hair and wear vanilla perfume, you will smell so good! These two mixed together can do wonders!



Coconut oil: The coconut will nourish your hair to make it shinier and healthier. The mask will also help with hair growth, strength, and elasticity. 

Avocado & banana: The combination of avocado and banana will help with moisture. The proteins and vitamins will revive the hair, and your hair will be smoother. 

Vitamin E Oil: This oil will protect and repair your hair. 

Frequency: Only once a month 



  • Lock the hair moisture by finishing the mask rinse with cold water
  • Once you apply the NATURAL VERSION of the mask, massage your scalp to help the mask penetrate and stimulate the scalp. It is essential for hair growth. Make sure that you are gentle because you do not want to break the hair or hurt your scalp. 
  • You can add vanilla extract to your mask if you want your hair to smell like summer on the beach


AS A CONCLUSION, you have to try these coconut oil hair masks. Seriously, try these on your hair and appreciate the wonderful benefits of this oil. 

When you struggle with dry and unhealthy hair, know that you are not alone and that we have tons of recipes that can help you revive your hair. 

Coconut oil hair masks are unique because they smell good, and they bring something different to the hair game. This oil can prevent and reduce the amount of hair breakage you have. You will get the shine and health back to your hair. 

Are you ready to change the game and try these coconut oil masks? Let us know below!

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