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“WFH” can sound like the best thing ever! But in truth, working from home can also become the WORST thing ever if you don’t do it correctly! Check out the 7 best tips to work from home for a healthier lifestyle! You’ll also find great ideas for home office decor.

Work From Home

Before we move forward, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you struggling to work from home?
  • Do you have a hard time finding the daily motivation to work?
  • Are you scared to get fired?
  • Are you becoming lazy while working from home?
  • Is the relationship with your significant other in bad shape since you started working from home?


If you can say YES, to any of the above questions, don’t worry! I can help you out. Keep on reading ASAP!

“Everyone got so excited when the boss said that we will be working from home! After a couple of weeks, it became HORRIBLE!” – Mona.

Working from home can be a lot of fun, but it can become a nightmare if you don’t do it right.

We’ve put together the best tips to stay happy while working from home.



This is going to be the key to your success at work while working from home. It is crucial to find the best morning routine for you.

With the best morning routine, you will be more productive during your working from home day! Right from the start of your day, you’ll accomplish small successes that will boost your self-confidence.

Having a morning routine will add structure to your life.

When working from home, it is really easy to become lazy. Let’s be real! You have to organize your life and your day. It will help you to stay on track with your personal and professional goals.


Morning Routine Benefits:

  • You will be right awake before work
  • You will work better
  • You will be in a better mood
  • You will be able to accomplish more in less time
  • You will be able to enjoy your morning and do things that you were not able to do before
  • You will feel more in control



Close all your apps! Social media can make you lose track of work really fast! We recommend that during work, you do not check your social media accounts. You can make it part of a routine to check your accounts right when you get off work!

If you do this, you will have something to look up to when you are done with work! Something to be excited about. Some of us can’t live without social media, so if you work from home, let’s make it special! This is a little tip that can add happiness to your day right after work.

Working and checking social media can also get you fired! Did you know that your boss can track you? Depending on your app settings, your boss can see if you are checking your social media accounts during your work hours. This is something to keep in mind!

The Social media list distraction while working:

  • Facebook: We all love a little Facebook.
  • Instagram: We can’t live without it!
  • Tik Tok: Just too much fun.
  • Pinterest: So beautiful! Love to discover
  • Twitter: Love to know what’s on other people’s minds!
  • Snap Chat: Hypnotizing and a lot of fun.

The good thing is that you can go back on these social media platforms right after work without feeling guilty! You will actually feel proud, and you can spend as much time as you want on the amazing social media apps/ platforms AFTER WORKING FROM HOME!



It is so crucial that you find a specific space in your home that you will dedicate to your job! This is part of organizing your life and creating the structure for your day. It will also help you find a work-life balance.

It is undeniable that if you want to feel good while working from home, you will need to decorate your workspace! Add things that you love, things that make you happy! Put things on your desk that will motivate you every day!

Make sure to have natural light in your home office space. This can really help you keep a good mood.

Home office decor ideas on a budget:

  1. Office decor Walmart agenda! You can’t go wrong with planning your day. You will need a cute agenda to plan your morning routines and your work from home day. Best agenda I ever had
  2. Too faced DecorToo Faceed products
  3. Michael’s desk boxes!Treasure Chest decor ideas
  4. Nectar USA soaps are great for home office desk decor!plant based cupcakes soaps


Remember that you are still working and still trying to make money. You have to put yourself in the best working conditions. This starts with remembering that you have the fantastic chance to have a job!

A big mistake that many people while working from home is that they do not prepare physically and mentally. You have to remind your brain that even if you are at home and chill a little more than usual, you are still working!

The best tip we can give you is to GET READY FOR WORK! Do not work in your pajamas! Instead, put on a cute but comfortable top, have a vest next to your chair just in case you need to go on camera. Wear a little makeup, do your hair, and put a small mirror on your desk!

Create a proper and positive working mindset. Do not give yourself too much freedom, as it will make you underperform!

Eat breakfast, do a little pep talk, and go to your desk a few minutes before it’s time for you to start working just so that you can prepare mentally.

This takes us to the next point!



One of the great benefits of working from home is that you can dress the way you want! Now even if you wear comfy clothes, be smart about it! Wear something comfy that will still look good on camera. Have a vest in handy in case you have an important last-minute meeting.

While working from home, you want to be comfortable and ready to work. It can make you feel better in the long run.

When everyone started working from home, many women complained that they felt a little depressed after a few weeks because they were not taking care of themselves anymore. They were wearing pajamas every day, and they lost track of their feminine side.

How to resolve this issue? Continue to shop online and find comfortable clothes that will make you feel pretty at home.

Smart tip: trade your pajamas for a cute shirt and cute pair of leggings. This can do the trick.



If you are not working at the office anymore, you can get up later than you used to. However, it is essential for you not to wake up last minute! It is the worst thing you can do.

If you wake up at the last minute and go straight to your desk to work, you will not perform well, you will stress, and you will impact your mood negatively. You have to prepare yourself.

This is what you should do:

  • Wake up earlier
  • Have breakfast
  • Brush your teeth
  • Morning activities to keep an active lifestyle
  • Take a shower
  • Get Ready for work



If you want to stay away from “BURNOUT”, you have to create a work-life balance.

This will save your relationships and your happiness as well. Some people are miserable at work, and when they work from home, they cannot separate Work and Home.

To separate the 2, you have to create essential rules:

  1. When you are off work, you are off work, do not go back to your computer to check emails. A bad email can ruin your whole weekend.
  2. If you can dedicate a room for your job, this is great, because if you want to forget about work, all you need to do is close the door.
  3. Make sure that you are doing the right job. If you really hate what you are doing, maybe look at other opportunities.
  4. Turn your computer off after work, and you will be less likely to reach back for it if it is off.
  5. Turn off the work email notifications right after work.


What is important to remember is that when you work from home, you need to know how to STOP!!!


If you do not have a specific room dedicated to your job, hide your workspace when you are off work. Put something over it!

Remember this: Your job is just a job! Nothing has to be that serious in life. If your job is making you miserable, you may need to rethink your life goals and make the proper decisions.



  • You get random GIFs by chats.
  • You can walk to your fridge whenever you want.
  • You do not have to think about morning traffic!
  • You can save money on gas.
  • You can have more sleep.
  • You have more freedom.
  • No one sees when you are frustrated.
  • You can eat at your desk.
  • You can do a little dance when you reach a work goal.
  • You can look crazy at times. No one will know.
  • You can yell when you are not happy. Let it out! No one will know.



  1. Find The Best Morning Routine
  2. No Social Media While Working
  3. Create a home Office
  4. Get Ready For Work
  5. Dress Comfy
  6. Wake Up Earlier
  7. Have a Work-Life Balance
  8. Best Things About Working From Home


AS A CONCLUSION, working from home can be a lot of fun, but you need to do it right. You can work from home and have the best time ever as long as you apply our tips and tricks for a better workday!

You have to create a routine and plan your day. Working from home means that you need to have discipline. You will not be or stay successful if you do not have discipline. Don’t use social media if you want to stay away from trouble while working.

Joke around with your colleagues, and make sure to keep an active social life while working from home.

Finally, to ensure that you have a healthier lifestyle while working from home, you need to keep your work in a specific spot in your home. When you are done with work, don’t go back to this spot. You need to feel the separation between your job and your home. Otherwise, you will burn out quickly.


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