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You need to define your goals for the future? Check this detailed list of goals and processes that will help you find your purpose and live a happier and healthier life!

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When you want to set goals for the future, you have to think of the big picture

What successful lifestyle are you ready to live? What are the authentic end results that you want to get at? 

Your goals need to be extremely meaningful to you; otherwise, you will not achieve them. 

We are sharing with you ways to set and achieve goals for the future and actions you’ll need to take to start changing your life today. 

This post is all about settings goals for the future. Let’s go!



Let’s take your life to another level. It’s time for you to find your purpose, define and set your goals for the future.



We are going to go straight to the point with this one. You need to write your life goals down. This action is crucial because your mind needs to be clear and see and understand precisely what you want in life. 

If your goals are not clear, you will not accomplish them.



The number of celebs and successful businessmen and women that have vision boards is crazy! 

Many people do not believe in vision boards, but how do you know they don’t work if you have not tried them? If you are miserable or really not happy with your life and you feel stuck, and you feel like you tried everything before, did whatever you tried work? 

Obviously not! So why not try vision boards? You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing all along because it is not working for you! So shut this voice in your mind and start working on your vision board today!

This is a little wake-up call! 

You must make a vision board if you want to reach your goals. The vision board is adding reality to your dreams. It is giving more details, and your mind will remember the pictures. 

Your mind will be reminded at random times, without you being even conscious of it, that you have specific goals and that you need to reach these goals. Having a vision board may help you make the right choices more often. It will become easy to choose the best options that will lead you to your goals for the future. 



A reverses vision board is similar to a vision board

Instead of adding pictures of the things you want in life, you add pictures of people who didn’t believe in you, or just things that you don’t want in your life anymore (make sure you do this in a healthy way, not in a creepy way!). You can add places where you don’t ever want to end up again. 

This board should become your F**ing fuel or energy anytime you want to give up. It should give the freaking energy to always get back up

You must only look at this board as a last resort when you are on the verge of truly giving up on your dreams.



You will need to become a new person. Affirmations are really important because you will need to constantly remind your brain that you are becoming a new person with ambitions and amazing life goals. 

You’ll need to remind your brain that you need to make difficult choices every day and do what is needed to get closer to your goals daily. 

Positive affirmations will let your brain know that you are ready, that you are already working on your goals, and that you are already the new person you always wanted to be. 

Remember this: You must be the person you want to be every day from now on. This means that you will constantly have to work on your mindset, which is crucial for the change of a lifetime and to achieve your biggest dreams. 



You need to have a plan! This is what you should do:

  • To set goals for the future, you need to think long-term and short-term. 
  • Remember that everything you are doing now will have an impact (positive or negative) on your goal in the long term. 
  • For any long-term goals, you should write them in a journal. It should be a journal that is easy to reach. Something that you can easily go back to at any time. 
  • You should have three monthly goals for the short-term goals and a list of five must-do daily goals

This will also help you organize your life


You can do anything, truly anything you want in your life. One of the substantial misconceptions of our lives is that we have to follow whatever society dictates. 

It’s actually not true. People tell you to go to school, get your masters, go to the best university to have the best life possible. Most successful people didn’t even finish or go to college!

If you want to take action and start living the life you want, you will need to change your mindset and truly believe in yourself and your dream. 

Forget about the norm. People who follow the norm are most of the time not happy with their lives! They work for other people, and they hate their jobs/bosses. 

What does that tell you? They went to the best schools, they make good money, but they are not happy, they are scared to get fired daily, they are stuck and need to keep working a job they hate because they bought a house, bog cars, have kids, and so on. 

You don’t have to follow this path. You can have your own company, have the right mindset, be successful, and live your life the way you want it. 

Believe in your potential so that your dreams can become possible.

One more thing: Stop comparing yourself. Alicia gives you tips on Femmallure on how to stop comparing yourself to other people.


AS A CONCLUSION: If you want to set goals for the future, remember that you need to change how you think constantly. 

If you want to change your life, go after your goals, you will need to become a new person. Who you are now is not successful at all and won’t be successful. If you want to change your life and go after your dreams, you need to become the new you.

Once you become the new you, a crucial thing to do is stick to the new habits that will constantly lead you towards your goals

You are constantly going to keep your mind in check. Your mind will keep trying to protect you by stopping you, by telling you to give up. 


You can only become successful and who you want to be if you make the decision to take risks.

This post was all about goals for the future.

What is your main goal in life? Let us know below!

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