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You’ve decided to lose weight, but you are having a hard time staying motivated. It’s okay. We’ve all been there! If you need to know how to stay motivated to lose weight, keep reading! We’ll discuss the “lose Weight Motivation” techniques! We’ll discuss easy tips and tricks to help you stay motivated. 


Before we move forward, let’s get to know you!

How much weight are you trying to lose? Do you find it too challenging to stay motivated even when you start seeing results? Do you feel like you are the only one struggling with weight loss

Losing weight is not easy. It’s part of the hardest things to do in life because we love to eat! Guess what? Losing weight is hard for everyone. Some people make it seem easier than it is, and it is easier for some people to lose weight. 

We are all different, and the first thing you have to do to motivate yourself is to stop comparing yourself to others. 

I know… It’s easier said than done. BUT, this can create a shift in your mind and truly help you with your weight loss

In this article, we want to help you understand that your mindset will be the key to your motivation. Did you know that having the right mindset can actually help you change your life?

We will provide tips and tricks to keep a positive mindset to live a healthier lifestyle and help you with your weight loss motivation

If you want tips and tricks on how to stay motivated to lose weight, keep on reading!



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 1

It is always best to start with an easy goal! Once you reach the first goal, you will be motivated to reach your other weight loss goals

Write down 3 to 10 different weight loss goals that you want to achieve, and add a timeframe for each. Make sure to have a checkbox next to each goal. Now you have to remember that it should be healthy and attainable goals. Otherwise, this will not work. 

Every time you reach a goal, check the goal box. After a few months, you will see all the goals you’ve achieved. This is really going to help you stay motivated to lose weight. 

Every time your weight loss journey becomes too hard, look at your goal list and don’t give up! Setting goals is crucial in your weight loss journey.



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 2: 

You will not succeed in your weight loss motivation journey if you don’t understand and know why you truly want to lose weight. The reason has to be so important for you. It has to be something you can feel inside. It will help you stay strong during this journey.

If you truly want to lose weight, you will need to understand that you will have to discover yourself again. You will discover a new you, about your feelings, and maybe realize that you might not have the best entourage, practices, job and the list goes on. 

You will have to find why you let yourself go in the first place and what kept you down during all this time.

A weight-loss journey is a chance for you to discover your new self, rebuild your confidence, and have a new state of mind

Think of your decision to lose weight as a new opportunity for you to change your life around. Take better care of yourself and be the person you always wanted to be.

This takes us to our next point, to help you find the reasons.



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 3:

This is straightforward. Make a list of all the great things you think will happen if you lose weight and the bad things that can happen if you keep giving up. 

After this, decide on what side of the table you want to be. If you pick the PROS, check the PROS reason that is the most meaningful for you. The one that makes you feel something inside. This can be the main reason why you will stay motivated to lose weight. 



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 4:

You have to accept that it took time for you to gain weight, and it will take double to lose weight! You have to be patient, and when you are patient, the results are even better. 

It isn’t easy to lose weight. Once you reach your goal, you will be proud to have gone through this incredible journey. It will also be a good reminder that it was so hard for you to lose weight, so you will be careful not to gain the weight back. 



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 5:

What will you look like when you reach your goal? What clothes will you buy, what clothes will your wear? How will you feel about yourself?

This is going to help you stay motivated along the way

Think about your success. Realize that a few months is not that far. Remember, a year ago? You wanted to lose weight, and you didn’t stay motivated. If you kept the motivation, where would you be today?



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 6:

Just go on google and read all of the blogs and social media posts out there. A lot of people are struggling, but they push through. Look at before and after pictures. Believe that it could be you!

You will see that it took five years for some people to get to their dream weight. Five years is better than never!



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 7:

It is so easy nowadays to find weight-loss partners. Just go on Instagram or Facebook and join groups! You will see that many people are looking for weight-loss partners that will help them stay motivated

Being part of groups is so important. Sometimes people from your entourage can keep you away from your goals. You sometimes need tougher love! That’s okay!

When you want to change, you have to take time for yourself to reach your goals. Do what you have to do to reach your weight goals.  



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 8:

It’s true! No one is perfect, and you won’t be able to eat the right things every single day. That’s okay. If you eat something bad, just make better choices later on during the day.

Don’t stop and think that you made one bad mistake, so you should give up on your diet.

Many people go on diets for weeks, and then they make one mistake and give up altogether. Don’t do this. Instead, think positively. 

Try to understand why you made a mistake. Remember the reasons why you wanted to go on a weight-loss journey and get back up asap. 

It is all about mindset! Resolve your issues instead of giving up. 



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 9:

This is so important. As weight can fluctuate randomly, if you struggle with motivation to lose weight, do not weigh yourself every day

If you are really attached to your scale, build a routine. Instead of checking your weight every day, try to do it every week. Once you have this down, try to do it every 2 weeks.  

Many people lose motivation because they were losing weight for 3 days straight, and on the 4th day, the scale does not move, so they give up. This is what you want to avoid!



The Lose Weight Motivation Technique 10:

Another great way to stay motivated to lose weight is to see the positive changes in your body. 

Take pictures every two weeks with the same clothes to see the difference in your weight loss. If you don’t give up, you will see remarkable differences after a few months or even weeks. 


AS A CONCLUSION, if you want to know how to stay motivated to lose weight, you have to find the right reasons WHY YOU want to lose weight

Your reasons should give you a feeling inside. You have a strong and powerful emotion that goes through you every time you think about these reasons. 

To lose weight, you have to be strong mentally. You have to find the right mindset and put things into place to make sure that you keep on track.

Without a positive mindset, it will be even more challenging to stay motivated to lose weight.  

Make a list of why you started your weight loss journey. Look at your list every day to be reminded! Set weekly or monthly attainable goals

Every time you want to give up, push a little more and don’t give up. Call your friends, join groups. There are so many opportunities! Follow people who succeeded in their weight loss journey. Understand that it is a learning process

It took time for you to gain weight, and it will take double the time to lose weight. That’s okay. Lose weight slowly instead of not losing any weight.  

Any extra tips on how to stay motivated to lose weight? Let us know below.

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