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Welcome to the procrastinator article! Let’s face it! You love living your life and doing things that make you forget about REALITY. You are in front of your favorite TV show, but you need to fill out important papers. Just thinking about doing it makes you mad or tired. In this article, we will give you tips & tricks to stop procrastinating now!


You already have school or work, and you do not want to spend your free time filling out important documents. So what do you do?


We procrastinate because, unconsciously, we do not want to face reality. We say things like “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and we really think that we will, but we never do. Yup, we postpone it again until the last minute!

Why do we wait until the last minute? Waiting causes more stress. Why do we do this to ourselves? Well, to be real, we do not like to get out of our comfort zone. This is really important to understand. When people don’t want to get out of their comfort zone, they are stuck. They do not progress in life.

Today, we want to help you progress in life and help you reach more goals and accomplish more tasks. Guess what? We want you to understand that when you achieve more, you gain confidence and realize that by wanting to escape the reality of life, you are creating useless stress for yourself.

Why do we create useless stress? We do that because we all have a lot on our plates. STOP HERE. THIS IS AN EXCUSE! Starting today, no more excuses. With this article, we want to help you get over your procrastination.

What is procrastination? Procrastination is the art of doing everything except what you have to do. You postpone things and wait until the ultimate last minute to do what you have to do. Sometimes you delay it so much that you give up and don’t do what you have to do at all.

Why do we procrastinate? We procrastinate because we run away from reality. We don’t set priorities, and we always wait for the “right moment”. In truth, we don’t believe that we can achieve success.

It’s important to know that too much procrastination can make you unsuccessful. So if you want to stop blocking yourself from achieving successful things in life and if you want to know how to stop procrastinating, check the steps below.

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1. Make a list of all the things you have to do.

To stop procrastinating, you need to begin by creating a list of things that you have to do. Now when you start this list, you have to add a timeframe and an order of importance. Making a list is essential. It will remove stress because you won’t have to remember all of the things that you have to do in a week and because it will help you have a clear vision of what needs to be done in your life. The list is going to be your focus points for the days to come. Your list is going to be your commitment!

Instead of focusing on all of the things that you have to do, Focus on little things that you can do to make your tasks more manageable with time.

For example:

You want to write: “I have to work out today”.

Instead, write: I am going to achieve 10 minutes of workout today. I’ll be so proud because I will do 10 minutes instead of doing nothing.”

You want to write: “I have to do the dishes and clean the whole kitchen today.”

Instead, write: “I am going to clean the dishes for 10 minutes every day this week, which means that I will have accomplished 50 minutes of cleaning instead of nothing before the weekend.”

You will accomplish way more this way.

Yup, did you know that little tiny steps of personal amelioration can bring you to the person that you want to be? Did you know that it can make you successful?

People often think that you have to go all-in, every day. In reality, it is challenging to go all in every day and actually can cause exhaustion. Here we are offering a new way of seeing things.

1+1+1+… it adds up!


2. Now that you have your task list, you have to understand that you won’t be able to do everything on your list!

Yup, life comes in the way! That is totally fine! You probably won’t be able to do everything on your list, but no one does that anyway!

This is something that you have to accept. Not being able to do everything on your list does not mean that you are failing!

Au CONTRAIRE (that’s French for on the contrary!). It actually means that you went for your personal achievements. You put yourself out there, and you accomplished something! Maybe you have 10 things on your list, but today you only did 3. Make sure 1 of these 3 is an important task!

Now, you have to look at it this way: Yesterday you didn’t do anything, but today you accomplished 3 things! What a freaking achievement. This is great. So tomorrow you can do three more things. Then you’ll have 6 down and 4 more to go!

We recommend that you use our FREE PRINTABLE if you need help and motivation to create task lists!


3. Know how to prioritize.

If you want to stop procrastinating: time management and knowing your priorities is KEY! THIS IS THE KEY!

how to stop procrastinating pinterest

FIRST THING FIRST, you need to know the reason “WHY” you want to stop procrastinating. BE CLEAR AND WRITE IT DOWN! Go ahead and write in the comment WHY YOU WANT TO STOP PROCRASTINATING! 

Once you have the WHY, go ahead and work on the list. When you work on your list, remember that you need to set timeframes and priorities.


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Be creative! You can use codes, colors, images, and much more. You can use our FREE PRINTABLES if you need a good-looking list!

One last thing. If you are a big procrastinator, we recommend that you work 10 minutes on each critical task. Then stop and do something else. You will realize that it always feels better to start! Then you know what to expect the next time your work on that task. Sometimes you may even realize that it is not that hard and complete the whole task at once!


4. Accept the fact that you procrastinate, and accept the fact that you can change that.

Now, do you know that you were procrastinating because you were creating an unreal reality? Yup, you thought of cleaning dishes or working out as the most annoying things ever. But when you only do that for 5 or 10 minutes a day. It goes by so fast, and it becomes easier every time!

Now your house is cleaner, little by little you will get more fit, and overall you’ll have fewer things to worry about.

Guess what? When you get used to that, you will spend more time cleaning and working out. You will also enjoy it!

Most of the time, successful people become successful because they do not procrastinate much!


5. Reward YOURSELF!

Yes, when you want to stop procrastinating, it means that you want to work on yourself. It’s called self-improvement. If you succeed, you have to reward yourself.

In life, when you accomplish big or small goals, you need to be proud. When you are not where you were yesterday, please be proud. You’ve accomplished so much. It may be just a little for others when they look at it, but now you know the little secret that all you need is small steps every day to get closer to where you dream of being in life.

So tell your friends and family about your small accomplishments! Go ahead and post on your Instagram or Facebook story! You’ll realize that other people around you may be motivated by what you’ve accomplished. So you may also be helping people around you.

How amazing is that?

It is essential to feel this incredible, rewarding feeling of accomplishment for you to achieve even more in life.


If you want to understand why you can stick to new habits, check out Alicia’s article on FemmAllure.


IN CONCLUSION, everyone procrastinates, but sometimes too much procrastination can block you from having the successful life you deserve.

You need to know that you are not alone! There are a lot of tools out there that can help you work on your procrastination. So if you want to stop procrastinating, know that it is possible. Remember to find the valid reasons why you want to stop procrastinating, then make your task list.

We have put together tools and  FREE PRINTABLES that can help you stop procrastinating.

You can take PROCRASTINATOR QUIZ if you want to know what type of procrastinator you are!

If you have any questions about procrastination, don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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