Are you struggling with a toxic friendship? In this post, we give you tips and tricks on how to end a toxic friendship. Indeed, a negative friendship can be destructive for your self-love, self-confidence, and overall mindset. 

Disclaimer: We are not doctors or specialists. This post is only based on personal experiences. If you think that your friendship is causing hardship, depression, or anything negative in your life, you must always speak with a professional before making any decision.

Frienship Tips

It is essential to END a toxic friendship when the relationship with your friend is causing stress, anxiety, or sadness. It is crucial to acknowledge that when you hang out with a friend, you should be yourself. 

If you feel sad, depressed, anxious, uneasy every time you see your friend because of how she/he speaks or acts towards you, then know that it’s okay to walk away. If your friend is always negative or putting you down, walk away before it’s too late or too difficult.

This article is all about how to end a toxic friendship. Keep reading if you want to know how to spot a toxic friendship, know if you have a toxic friendship, learn about toxic friendship types and toxic friendship signs.

Before we move forward, let’s explain in simple words the meaning of bad friendship. So what’s a toxic friendship? A toxic friendship is a relationship with a friend that irritates your well-being, diminishes self-love, hurts your self-confidence, or keeps you away from your life goals.

Let’s face it; some friendships are just terrible! It can be challenging to mourn a friendship, if you are still hurting from past friendships or even relationships check out Femmallure’s article.



Do you want to know how to spot a toxic friendship? Keep reading. If you are reading this article, it’s most likely because you might be experiencing a toxic friendship and want to know how to end it. 

If you have to ask yourself if the friendship you have with someone is toxic, well, it’s perhaps because it is. Trust that when you have a beautiful true friendship, you would never ask yourself these types of questions. 

Sometimes to recognize a bad friend, all you need to do is aking around. Explain your feelings to people who know you the best about a friend, and ask them if they think you are experiencing a toxic friendship. Most of the time, close people can recognize sketchy friendships before you do! 

It’s always important to recognize and acknowledge toxic friendship traits. Sometimes a friend may have toxic traits, but it does not mean that it is a toxic person. If this is the case, express your feeling to this friend to fix the situation. 

However, if your friend continues to have the wrong attitude towards you and treats you in a way that diminishes you, your achievements, or your personal growth, you must understand that you are dealing with a toxic person and friend. 

A toxic friend is someone that is too negative, too unhappy, too jealous, too lonely, too needy, too condescending, or just too much. A toxic friend also uses manipulation to keep you in their lives. An easy way for them to do so is to say negative and hurtful condescending things to you about your choices, your life, or how you look, followed by something extremely nice. This type of manipulation causes the accumulation of bad feelings.

Now you can no longer ignore the toxic friendship signs. 



If you want to have a healthier lifestyle and happier life, you must end any friendships/ relationships with toxic people. This is crucial. Once you make a choice, you need to see the end goal and never give up. 

Remember that people who manipulate you will ALWAYS play the victim. They get upset because their manipulation doesn’t work on you anymore. They get upset when you speak up for yourself because they know that you saw through their game and that they will need to find another prey. 

Toxic people will mistreat you by using manipulation, and then they will get mad at you for not accepting their behavior and for feeling hurt about their behavior. They might try to turn friends against you and most likely will never say sorry for their disgusting behavior!

This is why it’s so important to stand up for yourself and end a bad friendship. As you can see, toxic friendships are pointless, a waste of time, and sometimes a waste of money as well!



Trust me when I say this! As soon as you remove a toxic friendship from your life, you become happier! It’s almost instant. 

You feel like a weight is finally off your shoulders! This is such a strong act of self-love. You will have so much more positivity in your life, and wonderful things will start to happen. 

You’ll meet new people, you’ll be able to do more things for yourself, and you won’t have to hide anymore! When you are literally involved in a toxic friendship, you often have to find excuses to tell them why you can’t hang out, especially to that needy friend who always wants to hang out. That wants to hang out so much because no one else wants to be with that person. 

Well, guess what? When you free yourself from the friendship, no need to do that anymore! When you break free from this type of friendship, your life becomes more interesting, elevating, and rewarding!



If you are too scared of confronting your friend, it’s okay. Just let them go. You don’t have to confront them if it’s too difficult. Just do not reply to texts, phone calls, and don’t hang out with them anymore. 

There is something you must understand. When a friend is hurting your feelings, they know what they are doing most of the time. They would say something really mean, really disrespectful, and something super nice right after that to make sure that you stay in their lives. 

If someone is constantly disrespecting you, you can just cut the cord and never answer their phone calls, text messages. This way, you don’t have to confront them, and they will get over it. They will find someone else to bother, HAHA!



When too much is too much, it’s okay to be upset, and no one should be mad at you for expressing your feelings. You shouldn’t let your “friend” constantly disrespect you and manipulate you. Sometimes, you have to tell them about your boundaries and what you won’t accept from them anymore.

Tell your friend that you are done with their annoying, condescending, toxic behaviors. 

It is even better if you don’t let it get to this point. However, if you are dealing with a manipulative person, it can be difficult to tell that person that they are being disrespectful and hurting you until you reach your limit.  

This often happens with manipulative individuals or people that have egos bigger than their heads! Ahaha. This takes us to our next point.



Let them be the victim, even if you know they are just trying to manipulate you. First, you should never feel bad about your reaction if your friend is disrespectful, diminishing, and hurting your feelings. Remember that this specific friend’s actions are causing your hurt feelings. Don’t apologize for being the human person that you are, and do not apologize for having emotions. 

The friend who always plays the victim when you tell them that they are hurting your feelings, self-esteem, or even selF-love, is the WORST TYPE OF FRIEND! This is the manipulative friend! You must recognize it so that you don’t waste too much time while trying to walk away from this type of friendship. 

The best thing to do in this type of situation is to tell them something like this: 

“YOU ARE RIGHT! YOU ARE THE VICTIM; YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON EVEN IF YOU HURT MY FEELINGS. IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME, SO I WILL NEVER BOTHER YOU AGAIN!”. At times, you just have to let them hear what they want to hear. This is actually an incredible trick if you really want them out of your life. 

Truly, this will make it easier for you, and you’ll be sure that they won’t come back in your life because their goal is to always be right. They have a huge ego. So if you tell them that they are right and that they are the victim, trust and believe that they will want to stay right, so even if they want to come back in your life so bad, they won’t. This is because their ego is bigger than them. You got them at their own game! You are now free!


When someone acts like a victim and has a victim mentality or victim personality, they will make sure that they always look like a victim. Even Though everyone else won’t see them as a victim, they just act as they do. 

Why? Because this type of friend will NEVER apologize for their stupid, jealous, diminishing, self-centered, negative, and hurtful actions and attitudes. Do not waste your time expecting to receive an apology. This type of person just wants to win arguments and confrontations because they are unhappy in life, and since you are a nice person that they are used to manipulating, they won’t acknowledge and understand your feelings because their EGO is too big! 

So let them be lame and tell them they are right but walk away, haha! They will think that they are the ones walking away. Set yourself free! This is fun because they will think they are correct, that they are the victim, will tell the world and waste their time, while you’ll go on with your life, goals, and achievements! Just be the kind one and walk away, let them think that they won a battle.



This is probably the most challenging and weirdest part! It can also be fun! This is something you have to do for yourself. 

When you are done, you are done. Do not look back. If you want to look back, remember that your friendship ended because you decided that it was unhealthy. Nothing should pull you back to a toxic friend!

Think of your well-being first. If you feel sad for a few days, there are many ways to improve your feelings of sadness.



Recognizing and removing yourself from a friendship, especially a toxic one, is not the end of the world. It can’t feel weird for the first day or two, but then that odd feeling will go away. You will feel free to think what you want to believe, to say what you want to say, and to be your true self. 

You won’t have to hide anymore, to find excuses when you don’t want to hang out or answer a phone call of someone so damaging that it always ruins your day.

When you walk away from a toxic friendship, your freedom expands, and you’ll be happier. This is the best time to review the list of goals you have in life and make sure you have the right mindset



Here are a few Toxic Friendship Quotes to help you decide to walk away.

A toxic friendship is like an egg. It looks nice from the outside and unstable on the inside.

A toxic friend is like a barrier; it won’t let you go anywhere in life. 

If you keep a toxic friendship, you’ll always bring yourself down. 

If you have a toxic friend, you might become toxic as well. Indeed, your friends rub off on you!



We all had and will continue to have and experience toxic friendships throughout our lifetime. Having a toxic friendship doesn’t necessarily mean that the friend causing the toxic friendship is a toxic person. However, it means that the friend is not treating you the way you would like to be treated.

You must follow your gut feelings and stand up for yourself and your well-being. If your friend doesn’t accept the way you feel, it is not your problem. Remember that you have one life and that you can’t spend it trying to please everyone. You have to do what makes you feel whole and happy. If you have a friendship that makes you feel uneasy and sad, it’s time to walk away. 

Watch out for a few things! You will have friends that will constantly manipulate you. These types of friendships are challenging to end because a lot of time, these friends will act like a victim. This will make you feel bad, and your first instinct will be to feel guilty and keep them in your life. 

If you have a friend that manipulates you, remember that they most likely never say sorry, they will make you feel bad about your feelings and act as if you are the toxic one. These are warning signs that you should walk away. Your life will be so much better if you walk away and go on with your dreams. 


TO WRAP UP, if you are reading this article, you are probably struggling with toxic friendships. Remember that they are not worth it. You are worth it. This life is all about you and the positive you will do in this world. Your time is definitely counted, so don’t waste it with meaningless toxic friendships. 

There are so many ways to find and make new friends daily. 

One more thing. A friendship should make you feel good, happy, self-confident even if you guys don’t see eye to eye on everything. Your friends should respect your personal space, dreams, life goals, and achievements. 

 This article was all about ending toxic friendships.

Are you dealing with a toxic friendship and don’t know how to end that friendship? Tell us more below!

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